Burglar Alarm / Intrusion Alarm

We design best system as per your requirement both Wired and Wireless

Burglar Alarm System / Intrusion Alarm System

SR Technologies’s industry-leading intrusion alarm systems help protect against unauthorized entry or break ins.

Burglar Alarm / Intrusion Alarm detection systems are effective crime deterrents, to detect incidents of forced entry, unauthorized access and personal attack through a range of sensors, and to generate an effective response by sounding an alarm or sending a notification to the concerned persons.

Intrusion Alarm or Burglar Alarm System

consists of the following:


The control panel and keypad are the brains of the Burglar Alarm System, performing a number of critical functions, such as monitoring of all detection devices, arming and disarming of the alarm, controlling sounders and signalling. We are specialized in Wireless Burglar Alarm System.


Help detect open windows or doors, motion detectors warn of intruders, and glass break detectors indicate a broken window, door, or display case


In the event of an Burglar Alarm, the sounder raises an alarm

Perimeter Burglar Alarm System

Usually the first line of security for any premises is securing the perimeter or boundary walls. SR Technologies specializes in the installation of quality perimeter and boundary detection systems. We provide reliable, effective and affordable solutions suitable for any site where outdoor perimeter Burglar Alarm detection system is required.

In most Burglar alarm systems, the detectors are located inside the building. In order to increase the effectiveness of intrusion detection, it is recommended to also secure the perimeter and boundary of the premises. Perimeter Burglar Alarm detectors use advanced technologies such as Laser scan, PIR & Microwave, Photoelectric beam.

Some of the key benefits of Burglar Alarm System includes

Opening and closing reports provide an audit trail of business hours

Up-to-the-minute tracking of persons entering and leaving specified areas

Entrance by unauthorized persons is automatically monitored and reported

Integrates with fire, access and CCTV systems


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