Parking Management System

Best Electronic Security System Integrator

SR TECHNOLOGIES, we are offer advanced systems for automatic  Parking management of all types car parks offering end to end services. As every project is different, we design best solution systems: entries, exits, traffic flow and access management for each parking project. Typically used in at Shopping Centres, airports, hospitals, office buildings, residential communities etc.

Parking Management includes:

  • Entry Ticket Dispenser with Automatic Boom Barrier
  • Decentralized payment collection system or payment at exit
  • Exit Ticket Reader with Automatic Boom Barrier
  • Benefits of Parking Management System:
  • Enhanced Security
  • Controlled Pilferage
  • Reduced Operating Cost
  • Quick ROI
  • Convenient for users
  • Automated Parking Fee system

RFID Parking System

  • Automatic Detection, RFID Tags, Access Control, Auto Barrier Control
  • User friendly software with IN / OUT reports in Excel
  • Long Distance RFID Parking System is based on latest 915 MHz High Frequency Technology which senses approaching car from 5-8 meters distance and Opens the Barrier Gate Automatically.
  • The user friendly Access Control Software gives IN / OUT report of cards with photo.
  • The 915MHz RFID tags are fitted on the front glass of Cars.
  • Used in Residential Apartments, Housing Colony, Corporate Offices, Factories and Hospitals.

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