Automatic Boom Barrier Gate

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Boom Barriers are specially used for Vehicle entry / exit systems control access into areas where unauthorized vehicles are not permitted. These systems offer efficient security at the exit and the entry points of Factories, Office Complexes, Parking lots or any road-way entry where access to vehicles needs to be restricted. We Offer one of the most advanced and economical all-in-one solutions for Vehicle entry / exit management.

  • Boom Barrier available in different arm lengths – 3-6 meters
  • The motor is under over-heat protection so that intensive use never causes a burn-out
  • Arm can me manually raised in case of power failure
  • Can be controlled by Long Range RFID, card reader, push button, vehicle induction loop detector
  • Extremely sensitive limit switch adopted to guarantee accurate motion of the arm.


Bollards are used for the passage and control of vehicles / traffic as they prevent vehicles from entering restricted areas and protect facades and entrances against ram raids and vandalism. The ranges of bollards that are available include traffic regulating, high security crash rated, fixed and retractable bollards. Bollards can be operated manually, electro mechanically or hydraulic. They are available in different sizes from 15 to 27.5 cm diameter and heights that range from 40 to 90 cm.


An under-vehicle inspection system is used to detect threats such as bombs and any other – Objects that are hidden underneath vehicles. Cameras capture images of the under carriage the vehicle for manual or automated visual inspection by security personnel or systems.

 Under-vehicle inspection systems can be permanent (embedded in the road), fixed (attached  to the road), or mobile (portable).



Road Blockers are used to protect highly sensitive entry points. Road Blockers offer maximum security for highly sensitive entry points against unauthorized vehicles of all sizes and weights.

 Road Blockers can be installed as single units or in combination with another products such as boom barriers, gate, tyre killers etc. in order to achieve a comprehensive vehicle entry management system.