Public Addressing System (PA System)

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Public addressing systems are the most effective way to instantly communicate across a vast area. Be it in a factory, university or shopping center. We offer public addressing systems to ensure that you get the right message to the right people at the right time.

SR Technologies public addressing systems have almost limitless potential. They can help you enhance your on-site advertising and promotion, communicate more efficiently with your employees, maintain in-store security with coded messages to your staff, even combine with Fire Alarm Systems to provide clear and effective evacuation messages.

Our Public Addressing Systems range in size and features, to suit every situation.

FUNCTIONS of Public Addressing System



Our PA System is not only for broadcasting Alert and Evacuation messages but has various other functions. These include:

  • General paging : Communicate with staff and/or public
  • Background music : Create a better atmosphere for the listener




Advertisement: Generate revenue through advertisements

Emergency alert : Warn the public of possible dangers

Voice evacuation systems are specially designed Public addressing systems, typically used during fire and other emergencies. Where it differs from a public addressing system is that the entire system is designed to continue to function even though other systems fail.

Public addressing System and voice evacuation systems integrate with your Fire Alarm Systems to aid controlled evacuation of buildings by means of clear broadcasted pre-recorded spoken messages.

Existing security systems, such as Fire alarm and Burglar Alarm systems can be integrated with public addressing system and voice evacuation systems for improved system management.


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